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tv   [untitled]    July 10, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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money. the school is constantly going on, day-by-day. the teachers are there. the students are there. they are not getting a fair shake. these kids are feeling miserable. all you are talking about is money. giving honor to god, who is the head of my life, superintendent garcia, you are laying your burden down. but i am sure you have a conscience. under your supervision, there are children that will never be able to lay their burden down. can and do you sleep at night? there are houses of people, children, that do not never get sleep at night. sleep in heavenly peace, all of you on the board. [applause] >> my name is oscar james. i am a concerned parent in the bayview hunters point
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community, a property owner, a business owner. my problem is, when i went home from the last meeting, that the principal at martin luther king did the same thing at new school she is doing at martin luther king. we want her removed. we demand her to be removed. i am retired. i can be down here until 3:00 in the morning, waiting for you to put us on the agenda for one minute, and you have a discussion for 20. i support this board every time you go up for moneys for the voters. to me, you go up for too little money. our teachers are not being paid enough. to go to college for as long as they go to college, to get paid $50,000 is embarrassing. it is embarrassing to us. it is embarrassing than those
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students are not being properly educated in my community. we demand them to get the right education. we demand top quality teachers and principals in our school, just like every other school. the same teacher out of lincoln, we want in bayview hunters point. we pay for that. when you ask for dollars in my community, we always put up those dollars. we want them to count. we do not want our young people quitting school and come into programs to get a ged to get a job. a lot of them cannot get a job because they do not have a dg, nor a diploma. our children are killing each other, because they have not been educated to care about their future. they do not see a future. we demand our kids to have a future, just like every other student. i will be down here again. people who grew up in the
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bayview hunters point community, we will go back to being 18, 19 years old, and will turn over desks to make sure our children are educated. >> we want to be able to get a response to what we have talked about tonight. some have a meeting? we come here to talk to you, but we do not get a meeting. we only get to say a few words, but nobody from this committee response. what are we doing here? can we get a response? president yee: we have given you a response from the district, and i am more than willing to sit down with your group. you ask me a question. i am answering. i made the commitment that i will meet with your group.
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i will meet with your group. all you have to do is call the office, and we will set up an appointment. president kelly? >> thank you very much, president yee. we are here to talk about a proposal around the child development program, and the concern we have. there are between 809 hundred signatures of parents who are concerned about what is going on. -- between 809 hundred signatures 800 and 900 signatures of parents who are concerned about what is going on with early education.
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what is being proposed, what has been proposed in negotiations, is we have only 190 days of academic preparation, followed by a summer enrichment program. we tried to explain that to parents. parents want to know what is going on with all of this. there were several parents here earlier today. they did not last quite this long. we know that uesf learned this at the bargaining table, and not before that. what are the plans for the enrichment? taking 20% of the program, and now calling it in richmond, seems like a more drastic cut. does it include teacher layoffs?
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how much money does a district expect to save, in exchange for academic preparation? we do not know the answers, and as we talk to parents, they ask us. i think it is time the district let us know what is being proposed with this early education proposal. thank you. president yee: i am going to move over to special order of business at this point. this is related to the budget that was just passed. this would be approval of the fiscal year 2012/2013 adopted budget for the san francisco unified school district of office of education, the standardized account code. is there a motion and a second?
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a reading of recommendation by the superintendent. as i mentioned, i am skipping over this, because it is related to the budget. we are coming back to it. >> this is the special order of business. it is for the approval of the fiscal year 2012/2013 adopted budget for the san francisco unified school district, and the san francisco county office of education in the code form.
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this involves adopted budgets for the office of education, prescribed by the state superintendent, with section code 3329 and 4127. the board approved the budgets for the san francisco county office of education, in the form of the blue book, on june 26, 2012. the board authorized the superintendent to use the official form for transmittal to the department of education.
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president yee: roll call, please. [roll is called] >> seven ayes. president yee: we are going to go back to item h. we have 126-12fp2, bp5111-4, nondiscrimination policy, an act to amend sections 234.1 through
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234.3, and to add section of 234.5 to the education code, relating to people rights. it has -- pupil rights. it was already moved and seconded, has been hard at committee, and is before us for action. there is a reading. >> how much should i read? president yee: the last line. >> the requested action is that the board of the education adopt the revision to board rules and procedures, article 5, section 511 1.4, nondiscrimination policy, to conform with provisions, an act to amend
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sections. this relates to pupil rights. president yee: thank you. president kelly, is this an item you wanted to speak on? ok. thank you. any comments or questions by the board? seeing none, roll call, please. [roll is called] president yee: item i come on board member's proposal. this is a request for
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reconsideration and amendment of 118-9a1, 115-24sp2, amendment of resolution 95-26a2, permitting rotc students to extend independent study options to obtain physical education credit in the 2012/2013 school year. it has been moved and seconded on may 8. commissioner mendoza? commissioner mendoza: the budget committee, there was no impact on the budget. we gave no recommendation. president yee: could i have a reading of this?
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commissioner murase: with your permission, it is currently 11 paragraphs. this went through the labor committee and received a positive recommendation. beginning with the perilous that our change -- be it resolved that the board of education required that an adequate number of instructors must obtain the ability to provide general supervision of the independent study program, as required by an education code which requires a valid teaching credential by the commission, pursuant to section 4.300, registered and required by law.
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the certification must be obtained by the beginning of the 2013/2014 school year. if the instructors do not obtain the necessary certification by the beginning of the school year, the physical education independent study program shall terminate immediately. but each school site that does not is certified to perform general supervision of independent study. the physical education may be offered at school site only if the school has an instructor to provide supervision. once the -- one instructor can provide instruction for a maximum of two school sites. further be resolved the fiscal compensation costs, including salary and benefits, must be paid entirely by department of
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defense funding, private designated matching funding obtained by the school site, or by school side base budget. be it further resolved if the commission or a corporate state agency provides future guidance to allow teachers to teach pp credit without the-- a pe credit without a certificate, and there will be allowed. president yee: thank you. there are a few people that signed up to speak on this. chad shapiro, philip freneau -- ferigno, leanne walker,
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dennis kelly, jerry aratore. sofia corbett, kevin -- i've already called his name. diane delfino, and marylyn l eylaw. >> my name is chad shapiro. i had the opportunity this year to teach one of the wonderful independent study classes.
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i agree with the statement earlier that we have the greatest jobs in the world, of course. unfortunately, my job was probably taken by a non credentialed teacher, so it is hard for me to look at that, as far as i put in my time, i put in my work, i received all the credentials i needed, and my job is pretty much being taken by somebody who does not even have a pe credential. it is hard for me to accept that, i think. i know you guys will not be giving me a mathematics teaching job this year, so it is hard for me to look at that. one other thing is now that i am looking for more work, one thing i consistently here is how we need to align our curriculum to the standards. after teaching an independent study p e class, that will never
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happen. these kids will never reach the standards we are looking for. that is just the social aspect of the physical education class. it will never be reached in independent study class. thank you guys. >> it is an injustice to our teachers that we are outsourcing the p e requirement to people who do not have credentials. and it is about independent study. it is a flawed system. we found a lot of loopholes that did not fit the curriculum or content standards of our students, to provide them with a great physical experience. we are here for the long haul. we are hoping we can hear our voice, and you guys can figure it out and make it important that pe is in schools and
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independent study is out. thank you. >> good evening. my name is kevin dorsey. i teach physical education, french, and avid at lincoln. it would be nice to teach just physical education, but since there are at least two dozen students taking it as an independent study, i have to teach french. independent study does not work. we are spending 20% of our annual gdp as a country on health-related costs, which adds up to $3 trillion. the american association of pediatrics has come out with numerous studies about the benefits of physical education in the curriculum, not outside the curriculum. if physical education is in the
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curriculum, between 15% and 24% of the minutes of the school day, a standardized test scores go up, and overall health and fitness go through the roof. there is a direct correlation between the level of physical fitness and test scores. since i am in the academic classroom, and outside of it in the pe classroom, i can see it in my own eyes. i have students who i coached track and football. i am a human fleet against independent study -- -- i am vehemently against independent study. >> i teach pe because i think it is important. i am glad some of our instructors are working on
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getting their credentials, but at this point, but are only in terms. it is more like doing credit recovery, if it is independent study. the idea that there is the ability to supervise at more than one site, and no cap on the number of students? the school district laid off five pe teachers to use teachers funded by rotc. i feel this independent study was created for that reason.
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i hope you will think over the new amendments before you vote on them. >> congratulations. i am the director of the independence of the program. together, these support academic and graduation goals of the district. many students graduated because of this combination. he gave them the option in their schedules to make missed elections and complete the pe requirements. we appreciate the value of physical education, and welcome our inclusion into the master plan. this year, we have made significant progress toward credential in. we heard your message, loud and clear. in january, i received my intern credential.
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we hope to finish the year with between five and six teachers credentialed. i encourage you to support the changes before you. there will allow us to comply with the credentials and requirements, meet the needs of our students and our schools, and, most importantly, will establish a process whereby we can continue to bring new teachers up to the standards set by the school board. thank you. >> good evening. since being hired last year to teach rotc after 23 years in the army, i have been working toward credential and in pe. i would like to give you a scope of the requirements. i am working on obtaining a certificate to teach specially designated academic instruction in english. i have to complete a u.s.
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constitution competency requirement. i will need to complete 135 clock hours of personalize preparation. i will need to complete a course in nutrition, drug and alcohol resistance, and cpr, which i will do. i also have to pass several tests for physical education, while completing 123 hours of service training in the summer, and completing the 31 units to get credential in from an international university. i hope i have given you a sense of the many requirements for our instructors. anything the board can do to ease and streamline the process will make sure we attract and hire the best qualified individuals. thank you. >> my name is sophia. i am a p e teacher at george
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washington high school. i ask you to not pass this resolution. for one, what the independent study does is students have the ability to get their parents or care givers to sign off that they are doing physical activity at home, where they could be sitting in their room and doing video games for three hours. there is no way even a certified pe teacher can certify that the students are actually doing physical activity outside of their view. there is no way to do it. would you ask an english teacher to have the kids sign off they have read the grapes of wrath and get an english credit? you would not, and you should not do the same thing for pe. i am credentialed to observe physical activity. the children are not assessed in team activities, in individual
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and do all sports, which the state standards require. our parents ask we meet those standards. i do support this program. i think it has many benefits to our students. but i do not think it qualifies for pe credit. they tt curriculum by handing out worksheets. i do not qualify that as teaching, and it is not meaningful learning. thank you. >> good evening. i am a high school physical education teacher. the san francisco unified school district has standards, frameworks, and a master plan for all physical education of students. students have a right to have a highly qualified, credentialed physical education teacher. not tomorrow. not yesterday.
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today. to give our students anything less is not good enough for our students. not ok. the high school years of physical and education are so critically important, because it is the culmination of experiences, to prepare students for a lifetime of being physically active. when time is cut short, standards are not being learned, and we leave students without necessary tools to lead a safe, physically-active member of society. >> i am a national board credentialed teacher at a middle school. superintendent, board members, here we go again.
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we are still beating this poor, dead horse. it is a course of a different color. jrotc is a fine choice of the election. should students wish to take it in school, they should be able to. it is not a requirement for graduation. neither is it listed in the a-g requirements, which are students lobbied for vociferously. physical education is a progression requirement. students are required to have two years of pe to graduate. jrotc students are required to have independent study, supervised by a credentialed teacher. this would have one teacher oversee two schools. right now, we have none who are all the credentialed. since 2009, after three years,
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not one has completed the credential process, although we do have some interns. how can we expect students, intern's who have to be overseen by their own mentor teachers, to oversee two schools? it makes me think of "while i was going to st. ives." is light. i am tired. i hope you all have a wonderful week. >> dennis kelly, united educators. i was pleased to have gery come before you and talk about the credentials and work that has been going on. those of us who have and working around this a long time have worked to convince people that had to be done. i think that is a right step. i think that is a right step. however, i do not understand